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Congratulations to Janel Akana and Amado Cacho, this year's male and

female winners of the Hawaii State National Talent Quest Karaoke

Contest.  Akana and Cacho will be traveling to Laughlin, Nevada in late

September to compete in the semi-final rounds of the National Talent

Quest Karaoke Contest.  Congratulations also goes out to Valerie

Hanaoka, who will also compete in the semi-finals rounds in Nevada via

an extended invitation from Walter's Karaoke.  In Nevada, all three

contestants will be competing for more than $20,000 in cash and prizes;

and more importantly for bragging rights of BEST KARAOKE SINGER in the



More than 500 people attended the contest finals, which took place

Sunday, August 5th at the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, to cheer on

family and friends participating in the contest finals.  Kea Davis-Milo,

Marlene Nitullama, Eldon Delos-Santos were close to taking home the

coveted prize, but it was Akana's and Cacho's undeniable talent that

pulled them through to the very end.


The Honorable Mayor Mufi Hanneman and Jeff Cohelo emceed the event.


Judges for the evening included:


John Berger form the Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Gordon Broad of Moon Surfer Productions

Kimo Kahoano, Host of Hawaii Stars

Dita Holifield, Host of

Kevin Kaneshiro, Marketing Director for Vacations Hawaii

Rylan Yashiki, last year's Hawaii State Finals winner

Hokulani Honda



The host of this year's Hawaii State National Talent Quest Karaoke

Contest, Walter's Sound & Karaoke, would like to thank the many sponsors

who helped make this year's contest the best yet:


Coor's Light

Moon Surfer Productions

Vacations Hawaii

Design's N Gold

Manoa Grand Ballroom

KSSK Radio

Sam's Town Hotel & Casino



Mahalo to everyone who participated in this year's event.  We look

forward to a bigger and better Karaoke Contest next year!